Mrs. Kamykowski's Grade Four Classroom

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Kamykowski

I have been teaching at Savin Rock Community School for 8 years.  I believe in open communication with all of my students and parents.  I can be reached during the day by calling 203-931-6850 or by email:

Homework is assigned nightly.  It is given out daily and can be found in your child's homework folder.  Assignments are written in their agendas daily.  Students have to read for 20 minutes each night and complete their reading log.  There are 2-3 math homework assignments daily: 3x each for math facts, kumon worksheet, and a math skills lesson worksheet.  Please sign your child's agenda daily.  

Tests will be sent home as they are given.  Any test receiving a 60 or below needs to be signed and returned to school.  

Itinerant Schedule:
Day 1: Art
Day 2: Gym
Day 3: Science Lab
Day 4: Music & Chorus
Day 5: Art
Day 6: Science Lab
Day 7: Music
Day 8: Library
Day 9: Science Lab 
Day 10: Gym